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As a modeling and pageant group, we have all of the internal wedding relationships to help you save money.

Who is included?

Your entire wedding party, including parents, are included in participating in our discount opportunities. 

What is included?

Everything that is required to create the royal wedding of your dreams. 

The Inner You

Internal preparations for a "Wed Ready" version of YOU.   Fitness, skin prep, hair, makeup, teeth whitening, tanning, weight loss, health concerns, non-invasive lipo, wedding support counseling, cosmetic procedures, just to name a few.

Wedding Wins

Engagement, wedding and daily honeymoon apparel, ceremony and reception shoes, walking with poise and grace, posing for photos, writing personal vows and your reception speech, 

On the Dotted Line Services

Customers have questions about not only negotiating their wedding expenses, but also negotiating the success of their newly committed relationship. We are here to help.  Talk with us before you sign on the dotted line.

My Wedding Bill TV Appearances

Showbro Chris Hawkins and Showbride Host Dr. Shena Dixon Mason, Esq. of the Mrs. United States National Pageant Organization. 

My Wedding Bill Events

Watch as DMG's Bridal Besties Modeling Team entertain at ShowBride Bridal Fashion Show.  Hair and Make Up by the Official Virginia United States Pageant Make Up team.

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