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Capital Area Pageant Organization #CAPO

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Who is CAPO?

CAPO was founded by Dr. Shena Dixon Mason, Esq. It stands for the Capital Area Pageant Organization simply put, we recognize and empower young girls, Women, families and our communities by initiating community fundraising efforts. Contact us to join one of our community fundraising teams.

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What does CAPO do?

We produce the Miss Virginia United States Pageant, the preliminaries to the National Miss United States Pageant and assist with national recruiting efforts.


We produce CAPOEVENT shows to include bridal shows and NYFW events. We mentor CAPOkids in academic and small businesses through our Fundraising program. 

We guide TEAMCAPO women in business startups & training and We manage the CAPOBrides and CAPOGirls modeling teams and keep them looking beautiful with our in house Hair and Make up teams.  

With CAPOWeddings we help people balance and financially recover from their wedding day. CAPOFit for Women and men's health and Weight loss

Make up, Hair, Bridal, Wedding, Virginia, DC, Maryland, Miss Virginia, Mrs. Virginia, Models

What does CAPO mean?

CAPO in Italian means “BOSS” so that makes us a BOSS Business Family.

CAPO also represents Confidence, Attitude, Poise & Opportunity CAPO creates Cash, Assets, Property & Ownership for people CAPO Cares About People Out loud, without judgement.

CAPO is a movement of people who believe that, as a team, through the power of Women,  We can make broken look beautiful,

We can make strong look invincible, We can walk amongst the universe, with love on our shoulders, and make it look like we all have superpowers.

What is YOUR superpower?